Chat Help

  1. Click on a session title to navigate to your session page.
    session cards
  2. Once you click on a specific session, you will be taken to a page with a presentation, bio and abstract. Scroll down to be taken to the "chat" section.
    session discussion pagesession discussion comment section
  3. The "chat" section is powered by a platform called Disqus. To post messages and subscribe to threads, you will need to login. The quickest way to get access is to use one of the Social Media platform logins: Facebook, Twitter or Google. Institutional emails will take longer to get approved, personal emails (Gmail) are preferred. To login with social media, click on the social media logos:
    social media sign in
  4. Once you click on the link, it will take you to the social media page to login with your existing social media account. Click on login or authorize to authenticate.
    authentication screen
  5. Once you are authenticated, it will take you back to the conference page and you can now post messages.
    comment sectionposted comment
  6. If you would prefer to signup separately, under "Join the Discussion" you will see a section called "Or Sign Up with Disqus" - enter your name, email and a new password. Then, click on the arrow to register. Make sure to complete the "Captcha" check as well. Next you will see a bar at the top of the chat to "Send verification email" - click on the link and follow the prompts to register. If you don't see an email from Disqus in your Inbox, check your Spam/Junk/Other folders.
    signing up for an accountverifying the email address
  7. Another alternative is to post as a "Guest". To post as a "Guest", type your message in "Join the discussion", then enter your name and email in the "Sign Up with Disqus" section and check the "I'd rather post as a guest" box. Make sure to complete the "Captcha" check as well. Guest comments will need to be approved by a moderator.
    signing up for an account
  8. If you are signed in and not posting as a guest, you can "Subscribe" to be notified of new messages via email from the bottom left of the chat.
    subscribe to a comment thread

Contact Support

To request technical assistance or report an issue, please contact the Information Technology Solutions Center:
Phone: (513) 556-5027