October 29th
  • 07:30AM – Navigate to the Home Pagefor the Live Stream and Discussion Board
  • 07:32AM - Opening Speech
  • 07:34AM - Strengthening Learning, Conversations, Connections and Community Through Flipgrid
  • 07:48AM - The CoViBE: An Innovating Self-Paced Elearning to Teach Virtually Bench-Top Practice
  • 08:00AM - Redesigning a Fellowship Program into a Virtual Innovation Bootcamp
  • 08:16AM - Applying Risk Management in Teaching and Learning
  • 08:31AM - Infographics, Videos and Designs- How Incorporating Assignments in Padlet during COVID-19 not only Engage Students through Active Learning but can also Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • 08:44AM - Student attitudes about fast switch to online learning due to Covid-19, and the continuation of its use after the pandemic – A case study
  • 09:00AM - Online medical education: platform for massive clinical cases
  • 09:15AM - The Power of Routines: Applying Strategies for At-Risk Students to Online Teaching
  • 09:30AM - Going online with my Business Statistics course: A market research project goes virtual
  • 09:45AM - Collaborative International Education – Tackling Global Issues through Social Entrepreneurship
  • 10:00AM - Navigate to the Session Discussion pages for Presentation Recordings and Discussion Boards (discussion boards will be available for 24 hours)
  • October 30th - The chat function will close, but you will still be able to view the presentation recordings

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