Difficulties accessing clinical practice, generated by the pandemic, led to an evaluation of different tools for teaching. At the Medical faculty of the Javeriana University, we chose the KuraCloud Lt platform as one of the most flexible tools for creating original clinical cases; allowing us to have videos, audios, images, and different types of laboratory tests. The versatility of the platform allows us to generate a collaborative environment, where the cases and resources developed by the professors are used by the entire teaching group of the Faculty. So far, 126 original cases have been developed for all medical subjects.

Authors: Ignacio Zarante, Julián Salazar, María Paula Aguilera, Andres Cuestas

Bio: Ignacio: I am a Medical geneticist at the Javeriana University, PhD in Science. I have thirteen years’ experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. My strengths are around of clinical or basic research, training, and management information systems. I am currently a Professor, School of Medicine, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.