At the time Moroccan universities switched to online education last spring, my business statistics course for first-year students was about to begin a six-week market research project. In this lightning talk, I’ll discuss how we successfully conducted the project online. Students worked in groups with weekly teacher-led sessions for guidance to prepare research proposals, identify a population and sampling method, write and administer a survey, collect and analyze data, and prepare and present a final report. Key to the project’s success were clear guidelines, “to-do” lists that kept students on track, and weekly check-ins where students reported on their progress.

Author: Pauline Finn

Bio: Pauline Finn is a professor of statistics and English as a foreign language at the International University of Casablanca. She is also currently a doctoral student in Literacy, Culture and Language Education at Indiana University. Her current research focuses on critical literacy as a means to develop student agency and empowerment.