Disrupting known teaching practices has been a real challenge this past semester for both students and teachers. Due to COVID 19, teachers have been challenged to implement and experience new teaching methods, evaluate and assess the student’s learning outcomes. Mitigating risks in IT is synonyms to following rigorous steps to solve or prevent these risks. As all the institutions, around the world, have been consigned to upgrade their methodologies in order to overcome these unpredicted challenges, could risk management be the answer? Could it be applied to teaching and learning during a pandemic situation?

Author: Hajar Iguer

Bio: Hajar Iguer, a Phd holder and an Engineer in IT and Risk Management. A professor and the Dean of the Engineering School of Univerité Internationale de Casablanca (UIC). Published several articles in indexed journals and participated in several national and international conferences. Received multiple distinctions in research such as the first prize for Scientific Research at UIC in 2014 and was nominated one of the five honored women in the Women in Science 2019 organized by the Next Einstein Forum.