In response to massive disruption to practice work access due to COVID19, an innovative self-paced e-learning approach was set up to teach bench-top practice using comics: the “CoViBE’’ (Comic Virtual Bench-top Elearning). To design a CoViBE, you should (1) develop the following instructions: How to do/What to do/What not to do/What to ask, (2) provide flashbacks to remind what knowledge students need; and (3) include humor. Using online survey, we determined 80% of satisfaction. Finally, the CoViBE concept could be used in the future for practical work revisions, for the internationalization of distance work and for a hybrid education system.

Author: Corinne Faucheux

Bio: After 2 post-doctoral positions (UK/France), Corinne Faucheux was recruited in 2002 as an Assistant Professor at the cell biology department of the Bordeaux University. She created several practical work sessions and recently set up an innovative approach to self-paced e-learning using comics (publication in “Higher Education Studies”, 2020).