Student engagement is crucial for a successful active learning experience. Flipgrid, a video discussion board (easily integrated with Canvas) has been an effective and engaging tool for student connection and conversation. In the transition of Spring of 2020, Flipgrid went from a supplemental activity to a fundamental application tool to further conversations, do testing, provide in depth discussions, and above all, maintain and strengthen student contact and community during asynchronous work time. For this presentation, I will share examples of Flipgrid, ideas for class activities, testing, presentations and suggestions of how this transformative tool can be integrated across disciplines.

Author: María I Ortiz

Bio: Dr. María Ortiz is an Associate Professor – Educator of Spanish at the UCBA Foreign Language Department. In 2020, received the University of Cincinnati's Mrs. A.B. Dolly Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching. In 2017 she received the UCBA Innovative Teaching Award for integrating mindfulness practices and technology in language teaching.