In June 2020, a 53-question survey was offered to the second-year undergraduate students of electrical engineering and computing at the University of Zagreb. Out of 197 students, 185 full responses were received. 21 questions pertained to the use of online medium for learning, and organizing additional educational activities related to economics and business, during the Covid-19 pandemic and when it is over. The students were also asked to provide feedback about existing practices, and share creative ideas and proposals for more modern and inclusive learning. The most interesting findings, and the statistical analysis of gender-related attitude differences, will be presented.

Author: Dubravko Sabolić

Bio: Born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1969. Two doctorates: electrical engineering, and economics. Academic rank: full professor (adjunct), University of Zagreb. Since 2005 teaches microeconomics and industrial organization at all levels of study. Full-time work: national electricity grid operator (CEO, 2007-12, now Chief Compliance Officer). Commissioner at national telecom regulator (2001-04).